Future50 – Class of 2018

To be selected as part of Future50 is testament to the drive and energy that is behind the company’s ongoing and planned growth plans.

The vision for growth from management is already evident in the company culture with the team developing opportunities across the board, showcasing to both existing and new customers our exemplary customer service. The company prides itself on not only tailoring solutions but delivering at every opportunity with retention rates of 99%. All too often, customer retention can be overlooked when focussing on growth. This is not the case at CSSCloud Ltd as the desire to deliver positive outcomes at every opportunity and achieve growth from both existing and new customers means both are equally important.

Joint managing director Peter Green says, “We have ambitious growth plans and aspirations with an enthusiastic team to back this up with a credible track record for delivery.”

In the last 6 months, the company has:
• Acquired new premises
• Invested in a £100k premises refurbishment and expansion programme
• Identified additional required resources and set out to bring them in house.
• Made three new senior recruitments
• Changed our approach to generating new business and engaged with a marketing company to assist with planning and delivery of marketing activities.

All of this is just the beginning of the CSSCloud story. With exciting plans already set for 2018 that will see the company continue to generate new roles with a requirement to recruit locally and build on its existing success. A significant focus will also be the companies collaborative approach to offer entire solutions in partnership with other local businesses, helping to underpin both the solution led approach and intended geographical development. With plans to develop the company’s market share in key areas of the region including the engagement of a marketing agency to support delivery of an aggressive growth strategy.

Being a member of Future50 will enable us to access vast areas of knowledge, expertise and guidance to help us deliver. We look forward to working with others and incorporating this expertise in our growth plans to maintain sustainability throughout. We are in an exciting growth phase of our development and with Future50 membership and guidance we will capitalise on the opportunities offered.

Joint Managing Director Kevin Miller adds “Our business is in a growing and developing sector [technology] and one that will only offer more and more opportunities over the years to come. As companies embrace the fast-moving technological advances that will help them become more efficient, productive and sustainable, we will become a priority partner. As Future50 members, we will be able to support other members that don’t have access to this skill set.”

The CSSCloud management thinks differently from others and see opportunities where others may not. In sharing this visionary approach with Future50 members we hope to encourage others to challenge their own thinking and to broaden their own vision.

Our team is energetic and proactive throughout. This endless enthusiasm is contagious, and we are proud that we have maintained this culture throughout the merger and our recent growth and very much look forward to the future.

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