Happy SysAdmin Day!

July 29th is SysAdmin Day. It’s a day to appreciate your system administrators (your IT support) for fixing all your tech problems. And it’s probably something that you’d normally take for granted. But here are some of the things that we do that make your life just that little bit easier:


  • Set it all up – from your server to your routers and the cables to the firewalls, we set it all up for you to make sure everything’s just where it should be.
  • Keep it safe – your System Administrator is there to make sure everything’s safe, so we put in place all of the security to make sure your computer is healthy and safe
  • Back it up – unfortunately, unlike us, not everyone wants your IT network to remain safe. There are threats and hackers that work tirelessly to try and get to your business information.  And of course sometimes people just make mistakes!  That’s why we back it all up for you as well with our Acronis system, so you’re never caught short.
  • Be on call – Our main office is open Monday-Friday, 8.30-17.00, but we understand that your business might need 24/7/365 cover. That’s why we offer an out of hours service that we tailor to your specific needs.
  • Plan ahead – we understand that your IT solutions may not be the most interesting part of your business. But to us they are. We think in the future rather than just the present so that we can try and stop any potential failures with your system.


So there we have it, five great reasons to celebrate SysAdmin Day Make sure you check out the official website, here:  http://sysadminday.com

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