In The News: Equifax Hack

Recently, it seems to be another day, another computer security issue. First, the NHS and the hacking scandal they faced which put hospitals and local doctor’s surgeries under immense strain. Following that, British Airways faced a ‘power surge problem’ that could have been linked to another security issue. Now Equifax have been hit with an enormous data breach that could affect their entire future as a business.

If you aren’t familiar with Equifax, they are a US based consumer credit report agency that handles up to 820 million consumers personal data. Their recent hack affected up to 143 million people in the US with some in the UK and Canada also falling victim to the issue. Describing the attack as ‘disappointing’ Equifax chief executive Richard Smith explained how information such as social security numbers, addresses and even credit card numbers had been stolen from their system. The breach is reported as one of the largest hacking incidents ever and the impact it will have on American citizens and the credit score system is significant. Although Equifax will now work to strengthen their systems and rebuild their business, it’s likely this incident will be a dark cloud over the corporation for years to come.

Sadly, it doesn’t end there. This isn’t the first major attack on a large business and it’s unlikely to be the last. Following on from the trouble Equifax faced, people were quick to suggest that another incident wouldn’t be far off and that businesses needed to be more vigilant than ever before. The result of what happened to Equifax emphasises the sophistication of hackers and the importance of protecting valuable information within your business.

You may think ‘all of these incidents are happening to larger companies, my small business will be fine won’t it’ In simple, the answer is no. Hackers do not discriminate against company size and without putting the right systems into place, it could even be your business in the news next. Understanding threats and risks you could face without adequate security, will allow you to prepare for the worst.

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