Secure Your System Against The Hackers

If you have been unwell recently, or you were supposed to be jetting off on the trip of a lifetime, you may have encountered the problems that two major organizations have faced recently. The NHS had fallen victim to a sophisticated hacking scandal which meant no access to patient data, whilst British Airways flights came to a complete standstill due to what was later described as a ‘power surge problem’ However the problems arose, the argument stands that both could have been avoided through correct software updates, regular backups and more highly secure systems.

Whilst the NHS and British Airways fight back to regain complete control of their systems and look towards how they can prevent such catastrophic incidents happening again, you might be asking yourself ‘if this can happen to huge organizations, could it happen to my smaller, local business?’ Unfortunately, without the right technology, the answer is likely to be yes.

Sophisticated hackers know what they are doing and without preventative measures, the task is made all the easier for them to take control of your private computer. you might be asking yourself ‘if this can happen to huge organizations, could it happen to my smaller, local business?’When it comes to your business operations, no access to your computers could mean completely shutting down the organization until you can regain control and without sufficient backups, all of your files could be lost in the meantime.

Hackers can come from a multitude of angles and no matter who you are, you could fall victim to a simple scam that provides these hackers with total access. Perhaps you receive an email that looks legitimate, or a phone call from someone you think belongs to a reputable company. It’s very easy to fall into the trap. Don’t panic though, with the right protocol in place and maximum security across your network, the risk of this happening is minimized.

If you are unsure how effective your network security is or if you are struggling to remember the last time you backed up your files, give us a call and we would be happy to guide you through all the steps we deem necessary to keeping you safe from the scammers!

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