What is managed anti-virus?

We all know what antivirus software is, it now a completely standard part of a computer’s setup. But the ‘managed’ part is very important. It is not a ‘fit and forget’ product, malware threats are constantly evolving and developing and your software needs to keep up with them.

How is CSSCloud’s managed anti-virus better?

The CSSCloud Managed Antivirus service includes the software itself, constantly applied updates – often several times a day – as the software publishers discover new threats or refine their protection, and most importantly constant monitoring for viruses and malware by our centralised systems. So if your PC or laptop doesn’t receive the latest antivirus updates for some reason, or if the software detects and traps a virus, it will notify us so we can intervene and restore your protection.

And we are not limited to just one type of antivirus software, we constantly review the market for the most effective solutions. We currently use two main antivirus products, Eset and BitDefender, and will select which is more appropriate to your particular setup.

We have strong relationships with both these antivirus vendors, and are in regular communication with them over developing trends and threats. Occasionally we will send them examples of potential virus and malware threats that we come across, and their software is then updated to cover those threats within hours, sometimes within minutes, so we can distribute that to our entire client base.

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