2017 has started and it’s time for an annual clear out.

You always hear about a detox for your body after indulging over the festive period but your technology needs it too. Nowdays it’s so easy to pick up a virus and it’s important to stay on top of your checks in order to prevent problems arising in the future.

At CSS, we believe the health within your computer systems is of significant importance. Having a fighting fit working machine will reduce personal stress, increase work productivity and generally make your day to day job a more pleasant and easy experience. We offer an extremely efficient health check for your computer in a way that doesn’t sound like complete jargon to our customers. With customers in mind we came up with an approach that would introduce ourselves to you and identify potential threats that could affect your system as you move forward with 2017.Don’t just focus on the sorting out your “Real” environment this New Year’s. Your digital one probably needs as much attention! The first step is send out a technician to assess your set up. This an easy start to the process which can be dealt with by anyone. This gives us a better idea of what’s going on in the background and helps us establish what exactly we can do for you!

After gathering the information we need it goes straight to the top – our managing director Peter Green. An approach will then be looked into to decide how best to address the problems that may have arisen over recent months. Again, this is totally hassle free for our customers!

We believe in a personal touch here and we think there’s nobody better to hear the verdict from than our own managing director, that’s why the meeting will be with the man himself to discuss the plan of action for yourselves going forward!

It’s as easy as that. It sounds more straight forward than a juice cleanse or fad diet that your body might need doesn’t it? Let us help you get through 2017 without any glitches or problematic technology!

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