Augmented Reality is coming!

Companies such as Google, Apple and Microsoft are working on products which deliver this, with some of these already in the market. Google’s product, ‘Glass’, launched a few years back to early adopters and enthusiasts, however early reports suggested consumers failed to really engage with the devices, often finding their smartphones more feature rich and enjoyable to use.

Now Google’s back with Glass and a launch which focuses on the benefits for businesses:


If you watched the video, you might see how transformative Glass could be for engineering and manufacturing firms. It allows for information, training and integration with computerised systems in a hands free, voice activated product, and it puts the information right there in front of you, in the corner of your glasses. For employees who work with their hands in a technical environment, this could be a paradigm shift in working practices. Companies like Boeing and DHL have been trialling Glass and are reporting big efficiency gains for their workforce, which is probably why a recent Forrester Research report predicts that by 2025, nearly 14.4 million workers will wear smart glasses in the US.

Google is not the only company to have a product ready for market either, Microsoft’s HoloLens is another, more powerful, AR headset which is targeting architects, CAD designers, and other 3D designers and professionals, and is available to buy now. The latest updates for Windows 10 add mixed reality support and mixed reality applications such as Paint 3D, allowing for the mixing of live photos or video with 3D models and special effects. Check out when the Mars Curiosity Rover recently toured the CSSCloud office in search of life (we’re still awaiting the results):

Apple recently launched its latest range of iPhones, the 8 and X series, which all have dedicated hardware for AR functions, such as special cameras and processors, allowing for their heavily marketed features like Animoji characters, mixed reality games and FaceID unlocks.

These are three companies with three different approaches to AR. One targeting enterprise, one targeting 3D creators and professionals, and one focused on user applications. The technology is here and will only increase in pervasiveness and function, and we believe the companies who think differently and embrace new ways of working can springboard their competitors.

At CSSCloud we are always looking to understand and explore the forefront of IT so we can ensure our engineers are informed on the latest technologies, allowing us to expertly advise on the best solutions for your business needs. Not everyone needs head mounted displays and mixed reality! But we think staying on top of the pace of technology keeps our engineers sharp, and in turn helps to make us the number one Business IT support and services company in East Anglia.

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