Building a better backup

Computers backups systems are the unsung heroes of the business world. In the 21st century, we may not be paperless but the vast majority of our business world is sitting on a few magnetic plates spinning away in your PC.

Anyone who has ever heard the horrible “click of death” of impending hard drive failure will either feel slightly smug or their stomach lurch, depending on when they last backed up! The fact is computer backups are essential, but so easy to get wrong.

What makes the perfect backup?


In an ideal world, a backup should be automatic. Anything that requires the user to perform an action is often overlooked. When was the last time you checked your engine oil, or tyre pressures? We’re not judging; we know these are the sorts of things that you put off when you’re busy.


In the past, backups relied on clunky tape drives that would often run out of space. Who wants to have to swap out storage media to keep up to date?


What’s the point of having a backup solution in the office? If your premises get burgled or something dreadful happens to the building, your backup solution needs to be off-site. That means you can get back up and running at a temporary location if need be.


Of course, it’s part of the cost of doing business that you take steps to protect your data. That said, backup systems need to be affordable!


What’s the answer?

We recommend our backup solution Acronis. It covers these four points, giving you piece of mind should the worst happen. Backups can be scheduled to run automatically. Simple backup rules govern what gets backed up and how often.

Best of all, the backups are “in the cloud”. That means your data is held in a secure, off-site location. With multiple redundancies built in, your data is safely sent via your high-speed internet connection to your own private vault.

What does it cost?

The beauty of our backup solutions is how scalable they are. Systems that would have been unaffordable to most businesses in the past are now available for sensible monthly service plans to any business, no matter how small. If you need to backup a few hundred megabytes or a few dozen terabytes, CSS Computers can tailor a solution to fit your business.

Find out more by visiting our Acronis Backup page, or contact us today for some advice.

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