Cloud Storage: Is it for you?


You shouldn’t need us to tell you that storing your files is essential. Especially if you’re a business. And chances are that you’ve already come across the term “cloud storage”, but do you actually know how it works and whether it’s right for you?

Before you start, you’ll need to be aware that there are several different components to cloud storage: email, backup and live working documents. What’s important is that you use the ones that compliment your business needs and goals.

We find that the backups and email that we provide (BaaS and 365) are the most reliable for more people. While live working documents can work for some businesses, it’s not as likely to be the right solution for you.

Every business is different; different needs, different wants and different goals. So make sure you call your provider, take their advice and reap the benefits.

There are three main questions that we get asked time and time again (and it’s easy to see why), so we thought we’d give you the answers right now:


Is Cloud storage secure?

Generally, yes. Storing your files in cloud storage is going to be as secure, if not more so, than if you were using a typical on-premise server.

The BaaS backups that we use are encrypted as the data is being transferred and when it sits in the cloud. And while that means that the level of security is significantly heightened, unfortunately it doesn’t mean ultimate protection. Encryptions can be hacked and rely on passwords, so you have your part to play too! (remember we’re always telling you that strong and varied passwords are key to your business security) so you still need to take a view on your online security.


Where is your data being held?

There are a lot of data protection issues that arise if your provider is storing your files outside of the EU, so it’s critical to check. This shouldn’t be a problem; if your provider is hesitant to tell you where your files are being held, ask more questions and make sure they’re in an EU-safe location.

We have no qualms in telling you that all of our BaaS data is stored in Strasbourg – safely in the EU and covered with data protection.


Is it reliable?

Short answer: Yes; it’s the most reliable option. Having your data saved in cloud storage means that it’s out of harm’s way if anything was to happen to your business. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take precautions.

There are three steps to a secure back up: off-site cloud storage, backup media and hard copies. Having all three in place should mean that you’ve always got a backup.

Implementing cloud storage into your business is nowhere near as easy as a quick or free signup and a simple download, but configured correctly and tailored to your business, it can open up possibilities for you and your business that you’ll realise you can no longer live without.

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