Fail-over Internet: Are you covered?

What would you go if you were left with no internet or emails?

We know we’d panic. That’s what happened to thousands of businesses recently when BT Broadband and Plusnet customers were left without internet service due to a major outage, which the companies put down to “power issues at a partner site in London”.

Imagine, a whole say without being able to run your business. Not being connected could loose you team, money and deals that your business needs. So have you got a backup plan?

Fail-over Internet

Don’t start to panic too much. We provide a solution that can keep you online and up-to-date, so your business doesn’t suffer. It’s called fail-over Internet and its clever technology means that if your network is down, you can just switch to another.

With a fail-over Internet plan, had you been in the midst of the BT outage you could have contacted us and we would have switched you over to a secure system. That means that your business would have carried on being productive and active, while your competitors may have been struggling with their IT issues.

To find out more about fail-over Internet and to talk to one of our experienced staff members, call us now on 01493 334800.

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