Office 2016 and Sage Compatibility Issues

We mentioned in our recent newsletter about potential issues with some software being incompatible with the latest version of Microsoft Office 2016.

The issue is that due to Microsoft’s policy of continual development, it is not easy right now to purchase the ‘old’ 2013 version of Microsoft Office, nor to avoid being automatically updated from Office 2013 to Office 2016 if you are on Office 365. While automatic updates are great in theory, they can cause problems when new software is not compatible with your existing systems.

And while many applications will work just fine and will integrate with no problems, unfortunately among the programs which are not compatible are Sage Accounts and Payroll, which we know will affect a great many of you.

Which versions are affected? 

For Sage Accounts it is only the very latest version, the 2016 versions (aka v22) which is compatible with Office 2016, all others are not. And even then, it is only compatible with the full desktop version of Office 2016, (not the cloud-based version) and only the 32 bit version.

For Sage Payroll it is simpler – it is not compatible with Office 2016.

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