Should you move your business to the cloud?

Cloud Software, Cloud Solutions, Cloud Services, SaaS – whatever you call it the Cloud is here to stay. But what is it?

Simply put, Cloud Services are the services you know and love – servers, file servers, document sharing, document control or your favourite accountancy programme, running remotely in a secure, always-on Internet server. These online services are mirrored so there’s always a copy online if one is down for maintenance.

Your file server could move from being in the broom cupboard gathering dust to an Internet-based server online, with many layers of redundancy and reliability built in along the way.

What’s the benefit?

Scalability, security, convenience – you name it! For many businesses using Cloud solutions to replace existing hardware setups and services means it’s far less hassle. The hardware moves out of your office and is replaced with an always-on, online server. Just like your email, you’ll be able to access a cloud service anywhere you have an internet connection, often from any device (mobile, tablet or desktop).

You’ll also benefit from scalability. As your business grows, we can scale the cloud services you receive with you. Adding five new members of staff? We can setup them up instantly with a Remote Desktop, a file system, email – whatever you need. This means you don’t have to over-spec hardware to plan for the future, just buy the resources you need and only pay for what you use.

What’s available?

We can offer cloud based storage for files and document control using systems like Microsoft Sharepoint. E-mail and document editing can be provided by Office 365, even your office phones can be cloud based thanks to our VOIP technology.

How can CSSCloud help?

We’re the cloud experts. We understand all the pros and cons and can discuss your business requirements and find out what services would be useful to help your teams be most productive. This may be just some software services such as Backups, or moving your whole fileserver infrastructure to the Cloud.  Working from home or a client site? We have a solution that can help. Hot desking in your business? We can make sure your files are always at your fingertips.

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