IT Networks, Ethernet, WiFi and Fibre Broadband

We build computer networks and IT infrastructure that you can completely forget about. Sounds strange, but when IT Infrastructure works perfectly that’s just how it should be! You should always be able to connect to the server, always find your WiFI hotspot, make a connection that doesn’t drop, always get online. It should just work!

Whether you’re upgrading your existing infrastructure or starting fresh, our Infrastructure Manager will map out your network, planning the cabled and wireless sections that will let you access your data wherever you are.

Mesh Wifi

We offer the latest mesh Wifi technology, allowing you to have wireless access points that seamlessly form a WiFi network with complete coverage. Say goodbye to office notspots and slow broadband – as you move around your premises the nearest base station will take over, handing your device to the strongest WiFi signal near you.

Guest WiFi

As standard,  we create a guest WiFi system that allows visitors to get online without accessing your private data. We can also install DNS blocking to prevent guest access to undesirable material online – perfect for use in schools, hospitals, clinics or other areas where you can expect higher volumes of the general public.

Fast Ethernet

Wifi is great, but ethernet is better! Our Infrastructure install teams can install fixed, hard-wired network connections to your computers that operate at 1Gbps, 10Gbps or even faster if you need fibre networks.

Multi-site Wide Area Networks and VPN

If your business is split across multiple sites at different locations, we can integrate VPNs into your network, via ultra secure UTM devices, to allow you to access your data quickly and securely, whatever your location.

Connect buildings

Larger premises may need connecting too! We can offer line-of-sight microwave links or physical cabling solutions to ensure your whole business gets online.

Broadband Connection Options

Fibre Broadband

We work with trusted Broadband resellers like Zen and KCOM to ensure your Internet connection is rock-solid and as fast as it can be. We can setup Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) or Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) depending on your location, with ADSL if you’re not yet fibre ready.

4G Broadband

Working remotely? Our 4G modem solution can get you online almost anywhere, as well as providing a backup solution if your main broadband goes down.

Wireless Broadband (WISP)

Some areas just can’t get a good Internet connection by cable.  In these cases we offer a WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) option. Fast Broadband is beamed direct to your premised from a network of transmitters to a small aerial or dish mounted on your premises.  Sounds expensive?  But it really isn’t, often very little more than ordinary fibre Broadband.

Ethernet Leased Line

These go by a number of names, but are the optimum way of connecting to the Internet, and again we can offer solutions from a number of suppliers depending on your circumstances. A dedicated fibre connection into your building provides an uncontended, secure connection, typically with speeds of up to 100Mbps in both directions.  Essential for heavily used Cloud solutions or for when the Internet is key to your operation.

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