Local, reliable, business I.T. support.

Good I.T. support is like insurance. You only appreciate it when there’s a problem. Computers, printers, servers, email – they all seem to go down when you need them most.

Should the worst happen, CSSCloud are there to get your systems back up and running – whatever the problem.

What makes CSSCloud different?

With more I.T. Professionals and Network Engineers we can support businesses at any scale, letting you focus on growing your business.

We’re the external service that behaves like an in-house team, but even better!  We are there when you need us, plus we’re ready to ramp up or scale down depending on what your business needs; eliminating the expensive resource of in-house IT.

Tiered support that understands you.

Our staff aren’t just knowledgeable about I.T. – they know your business. How many times have you called for tech support to be faced with a 1st line “Support” person who is reading off a script? Our 1st line Support team are different. They are I.T. experts who can resolve 90% of issues first time. You won’t have to speak to loads of different people – one person will take ownership of your case.

If your problem is a little more technical, our 2nd line support experts have serious expertise to get things running again. An I.T. issue can be stressful enough, so once you log the call (yes, you can speak to a real person!) our I.T. support team swings into action, managing everything until you’re happy and the ticket is closed.

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