What is business-grade internet and WiFi?

Business-grade internet and WiFi is made up of a resilient ADSL or Fibre internet connection, sometimes with a backup system that connects through 3G or 4G if there’s an outage.

This is all backed up by our Wired and Wireless WiFi infrastructure solutions to ensure you have access to your internet connection anywhere at work.

Do I need business-grade Internet and Wi-Fi?

That depends – could you run your business without getting online? Business-grade broadband and WiFi are built on more resilient technologies than those you’d find as a BT Residential customer, for example. If there is an issue, it receives higher priority for maintenance and you won’t be relying on poor-quality routers that drop the connection when you go to the next room!

What if there’s a problem with my internet and WiFi?

Of course, sometimes outages do occur, but our managed Internet and WiFi solutions mean you speak to us, not a call centre thousands of miles away. If your business would come to a halt without Broadband, we can setup a 3G or 4G backup or even WISP, so if your main line goes down the system seamlessly switches to wireless data.

What broadband and WiFi is best if I have lots of users?

Unfortunately your location plays a big part in the Internet services you can receive.  If you have lots of heavy-internet users or work in an area with poor broadband speeds, we can setup multiple lines or types of connection to balance the load, meaning everyone can get online.

What about Internet security and Firewalls?

We always recommend pairing our Internet and Wifi services with a Unified Threat Management system. These are more than just a firewall, they actively monitor all the traffic flowing in and out of your systems, looking for threats and then harmlessly quarantining them if they find one.

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