Making your software programs more resilient to the bad guys

Antivirus is now a completely standard part of a computer’s setup, but what is fast becoming equally important is making sure all your software has the latest security updates applied.

Known as ‘Patches’, these are small updates to the software which are released by the manufacturer to overcome vulnerabilities or security bugs which have been identified within the software.

A simple software agent is installed on all your devices, and immediately our support dashboard shows us the health of all your PCs and servers 24/7, right down to the software and individual patches applied to the machines. When new security updates and patches are available for your system we push them out to your machines, where they are automatically applied for you so that next time you switch your machine, you are running the most up to date and secure software available.

Unfortunately, there will always be new exploits and flaws for hackers to use, as new and different versions of software come out and are updated. Patching your operating system and applications will remain an important and reliable way of protecting against online threats for the foreseeable future.

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