Unified Threat Management

Computer security doesn’t end at installing anti-virus. We offer complete Unified Threat Management solutions that protect your computers and your network. These boxes sit between your Internet connection and internal network, analysing data packets as they travel through. If it spots anything suspicious it’s safely quarantined, protecting your users and your data.

We use Watchguard as a fully automated solution. Think of it as having a security guard permanently on duty, watching over your business.

How is that different from a firewall?

Our system is more than just a firewall that prevents access to certain services. Unified Threat Management intelligently analyses all network traffic entering and leaving your business. Everything from email attachments to browser traffic is analysed, looking for threats. If spam emails contain malicious links or attachments, they are quarantined before they can do any harm. Malicious intruders are blocked from entering the network, and advanced algorithms spot patterns that look suspicious, instead of relying on information about known threats.

It’s your always-on security specialist, keeping your business and computers safe.

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